Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another day


Pheww, if there is any person reading this entry, they will started to feel annoy sbb tune die same je, no up and down, dull and boring. hahaha, i guess thats my characteristic though. i love to write when i feel i want to. Today still lagi rase dizzy sgt sampai taip ni pun feeling the same symptom. aiyaaaa, banyak susah nak fokus kerja. jalan sana mau pitam, duduk sini pun sama, pergi jalan-jalan nak? huaaa. bile check gune UPT, negative plak. but dah almost two months x dtg period after my first day of last period in January. grrr... still unstable kot.

now nausea. okay, then fatigue. there were two days where i were found collapse. hahaha. after kerja terus bump atas katil smpai pagi tak sedar. gila penat sgt. :!

what is happening to me?? 

am i expecting?

Only God knows what is happening!

See ya.



Marsha~ said...

woah... congrats... bila due dik?

Fha Hzh said...

ahaha. tgh risau ni kak sbb tak confirm lagi menunggu positive je. lmbt sgt detectnye.. huhuhuh