Monday, April 28, 2014

Dah start dah

Last week we were in Malacca, my hometown. Husband was sick due to kidney stone. This was the second time he had the symptoms after two years and we decided to go back on Thursday and have alternative medical check up in Malacca. i suggest if anybody yg rasa sakit yang sama, better go there sbb inshaAllah sesuai. 

This time, i am in my 6 weeks of pregnancy. Okay i should tell u that my sense of food has started to become extreme. I no longer can stand my fav food even the husband ate it, i could feel it sticking in my throat. Lol. Sometimes i have this pain in my tummy, which is the combination of cramps, bloating and ligament stretching, plus the nausea at the thought of food but at the same time feeling hungry is just confusing. i try to enjoy every moment but then i surrender. hahahaha. the best thing is i should not complain. there are some woman out there trying hard to conceive and i had this chance given by the Almighty, so i should not complain but feeling grateful to Him. i thought of having pregnancy diary but its hard to find. could anybody suggest?

so thats it for this entry. i have no more idea to write. 


that night, i was here at 4.30 a.m. Luckily kak Haiza was awake and sent us to GH

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Nursaila Norman said...

what kind of pregnancy diary dear? bt sendiri atau beli siap? saila pernah nmpk dekat Popular, diary complete week by week..bergambar, colorful..around rm20+ mcm tu :)

Cik Puan Eka said...

my adik ada bagi saye jurnal mama. Dekat situ macma diari dan setiap weeks yang penting kita boleh catat apa yang berlaku.

Kemudian dia ada bagi penerangan dari minggu 1 sampai bersalin.

Apa yang terjadi pada baby kita, tumbesaran, tip pemakanan dan kesihatan.

Paling teruja tengok pembesaran baby. hehehehe.

Cik Puan Eka said...

awak, macam ni diari dia. hehehe