Sunday, April 20, 2014

Officially ............


hey, hope this blog still remember its owner, to be specific, the author. hahaha. since i was away at home where the internet connection is hard to reach, therefore, no updates for several days. however, i am still sound and safe. hahahaha.

last week, i visited the clinic to confirm my pregnancy. even the same routine i did done by the doctor, you always wanna here the statements coming out from a doctor itself. She congratulated me for the 5 weeks pregnancy. at first, i was so shocked as i tested myself and after confirmed by the doctor, i relieved. how bout the husband? He still in the state of blurriness. hahahaha. i am not sure how he feels now. mungkin belly kene besar baru die start rasa more excited. hahahhaa

so, thats all. its still early. no baby bump yet. i learned that at this stage, the embryo is growing at furious state. the size of the embryo is just as a sesame seed. so tiny. but it develops quick. wait for another few more weeks and i can have my belly scanned.  :)

hope you enjoy your day.



Nursaila Norman said...

tahniahhhhh! alhamdulillah.. take care dear :)

Fha Hzh said...

thanks awk.. :) u too take care..

Lizzie Yasmin said...

Congrat ... Jaga diri k.