Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Of hectic Life

Assalamualaikum. Evening and hoping everyone a blessful life. Im now lying on bed alone while waiting for the family to arrive.

Actually we had an event here in Cameron Highlands. The event commenced on Sunday night. So i travelled on my own with CeC, taking simpang pulai route to reach here. Cause im scared to death driving along Tapah route, i decided to take the longer one. Drained but safe. 😩

Jotting some thoughts here wouldn't be harmful since I've been not blogging for quite some time. Past week really dreadful and i felt like no time to breath properly, to sleep peacefully, to munch food easily,--- its like time is running too fast, like a bullet or to be exaggerated - - the time pass like a flash of light. Im scared of the tasks piling over my head, my hand is just 2, but to do all, im gasping. I cant fully rely on sources i have. I can't trust them to work in this kind of situation as they are quite laze around kind of person. I guess they need training to work and do things quick. Quick and skillful. Not a heedless one of course.

So i was dead (read: almost knocked out)

And now, the event had come to an end, enjoying the balance of hours here before returning to hectic schedule and soon ramadhan coming.

But wait. I just wanna declare my kind of thoughts here on man. They always think their sugary talk can buy girl time to spend with them. 😂😂😂

I guess don't just randomly assume woman the same. Sometimes when u try to ignite the fire, u are actually playing with danger. It doesn't light the candle but a thunder. So watch out.

The event held (28 - 30 April 2019)

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