Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week before Convo

The convo-day is so close but im not there to receieve the scroll. not my time yet. next year inshaAllah. i do plan to have my convo this year, unfortunately Allah has a better plan for me. So, i will be waiting for next year to come. InshaAllah.
Lama sangat tak update. Mozilla isnt play fair when i cant access the blogger to write any entry. I have been trying almost a month i guess. Still no hope to get access as usual. Back to classic browser, i use IE. Lucky this pc still have IE. lol.
I have so many more works waiting for me. the schedule is so pack. never feel regret, all comes from the Almighty, inshaAllah i can plan my task slowly and finish the works by time.
Hey, today is Sunday.
not a leisure day, i am working now people.
See u in the next entry, Ta Da.

Long-Big Fingers,

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