Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Wife I Become


Wonderful day and i could not say more other than praises to Allah the Almighty. I have been away for several months due to wedding call. And now another task to be done, the viva preparation. Finally after waiting almost 8 months, i handed my soft bound to CGS and i feel relieved that the middle phase came to its end. Another two stages and i am graduated, inshaAllah.

How do i feel after being a wife to my dear husband? Well, i can say my life is now halfly complete. i can feel the love and its sometimes difficult when we are so close around where i can easily chase him whenever he tricks me. The other part that is also hard to handle when i scream out loud like nobody care. That is how i express when i feel no justice.

So far i got health trouble. i dont know how to classify this but im easily feel exhausted and fatigue and i dont know this symptom is referring to any disease. whenever i feel tired i will spend my time to rest and do nothing. hee.

thats all.

need to pen-off.



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