Monday, December 16, 2013

When the imaan taken away

I was away due to task demand at home. currently busy and i cant focus to other jobs except than wedding preparation..

Tapi tak apa, Alhamdulillah. nothing good comes that easy withour huge effort.

So, its okay.

lately, i dont feel so good. like im off so much distance from the point i was standing. Its so hard to explain when all of sudden the feeling went away. its not so much on attitudes, but the behavior mostly. like yesterday i was so into something i believe in, and yet today is totally different. Allah send me a great challenge where i believe there is hikmah behind all these. to look how much i am able to stand still without changing back to worse. I am deadly teriffied. at one point, i cried that ive committed sins and there is no way Allah would look down and accept my dua' after this. only then i realized that Allah Maha Pengampun, and whatever wrongdoings we commit, we should always seek to Allah to ask for forgiveness.

I am feeling so stressful.

the test to me is so hard to endure.. O Allah, i seek for your forgiveness for the wrongdoings that i committed. Show me the right path and give me your guidance..


This week... is..... :(

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