Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Day, Another Meal


Hope everyone is doing fine while I am struggling with migraine and other crucial tasks. two different matters that require stability and well, i cant get enough rest. this migraine has started since yesterday evening and this morning hubby bought some kuih and i decided to have nap after taking two tablet of panadol. i slept well and woke up after few hours. the migraine gone and i rushed to clean the clothes and do other chores. phewww, penat sgt. when i heard a woman can multitask, this is exactly right. like im doing several jobs in a single time frame and at the end i collapse. hahaha. 

i wonder how i manage my time when i have kids around. see, i accidentally put (s) to kids cause he wants as many children as he can. well enough said husband! I am the one who carry the baby inside my womb and u know how much tiring i have to suffer???? hahaha. (joking, i want many kids too!)

we will be going to Malacca tomorrow right after working hours. so, it will be another hectic weekend. wedding in JB. No updates for several days i guess.


enjoy your coming weekend everyone.


maggi goreng for dinner last night. healthy much cause i made my own style using corn oil.

spicy butter chicken and husband said its not spicy at all? 

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