Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweet Escape


hope everyone is in the pink of health. Well currently i am here breathing happily and back to my normal routine from crack to the dawn. I will be presenting my research soon. Wish me all the best so that this 30 minutes presentation will be enough for the panel judges to satisfy and pass my master degree! Amin. 

I just came back from Temerloh-PortDickson trip. Only Allah knows how tiring this trip was. But my husband and i had a whale of a time during this four days week off. Despite the long time of traveling, i guess 7 hours of slept last night were more than sufficient. We attended his sister's convocation at Poli PD and we wished that she will further her studies for another level. :) Congratulations on your convocation and may this year we will celebrating the convocation together. :)

just some interlude...

1. I realized that whenever we came back from anywhere and recited the ayat-Qursi before stepping into the house, we feel warmer and calmer at the same time. when there is potential of misunderstanding of an issue, it will end up peacefully. We were told by my father-in-law this routine may keep our home peacefully and stop the entrance of the devils into the house. InshaAllah if we keep practising this attitude, we will prevent any bad aura around us. :)

2. i do also realized that we seldom had our selfies together. hahaha. perhaps we dont even think of taking photos together whenever we are doing anything or perhaps our mind are so dense with other matters? cause i recently noticed most of my married girl friends always posted their photo together with their loved one's so it made me a little jealous. hahaha. 

3. My husband use to drive so fast like he is in drift lane or what? i sometimes feel uneasy with this situation where he keep his acceleration going linearly as if the maximum speed is unlimited!. it drives me up the wall!. this is so contradicting to his manner during our early relationship before we were married.

4. We still haven't experienced our honeymoon yet so... i am thinking of Mecca & Madina. :) Pray to Him that He granted our wish. 

thats it.
i have to go.

please count, less that 3 weeks to my viva date!


We had this last Monday

Extremely cheap if to compare during our CD in UTP

Us :)

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