Monday, March 31, 2014

Ya Ya, What To Do


Hope everyone is doing fine. well, i woke so early this morning. As early 5 a.m, i woke up all of sudden and feel energized. Perhaps i slept early as well. when the husband slept at 10 last night, i decided to spend some time finishing his candy crush level and i failed. hahahaa, so went to bed it is!.

i cooked this morning. Made his favorite spicy butter chicken and mix veges. i brought the meals to the office so that we would not spent much buying lunch. :)

today, i shall complete my rehearsal. need to practise in front of him today. i planned to have the mock viva with my sv tomorrow.

wish me luck.

oh well, yesterday i talked to my mil and i felt extra blessed. :) 

thats all. have a nice day everyone.


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