Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Am i expecting?


Hai, few days without any entry. guess what? im home for the past few days and never came to the office. i was so tired and last night susah sangat nak tido sbb dada rasa berat. Susah nak bernafas. phewww.. i need to inhale deeply. so smlm tido pun tak sedar pukul brape. plus last night i felt so cold.

two days ago, on Monday, i had urine test. i bought the upt test from shell before went to Cameron Highland. tengok harga murah, so i bought one without having intention to seriously have the pregnancy test. so on Monday morning, i woke up around 6.30 went to the toilet. i brought along the upt test kit and saje-saje nak test even my period suppose to be another two days. kira early two days i made the test. So, after test, i saw the C line appear very quick and i said okay.. no chance cause there is no T line appear. but then... after several seconds, ternampak mcm line yang kabur dekat T. so i said, ehhh ni pregnant ke???? i was shocked.

terus cepat pergi dkt my husband and showed him. mase tu die tengah tido lagi and i said, "eh betul ke ni,, cube check.." dia pun suruh on the light. he was surprised and confidently said i am positively pregnant. But its hard to believe till now cause the previous period, i thought i was conceived and had more than 5 times of pregnancy test but all failed. so this time, its hard to believe im expecting. I need to have a medical checkup first and since today is pasar malam day, and im going to the wet market, i will pick the upt test as well and perhaps try with the expensive upt test to make sure its positive. or else i will be in dilemma. hahahaha

i have so many Cameron Highland and Ulu Kenas photos to be posted but i guess i am so lazy to transfer here. the pregnancy syndrome perhaps??


wait till it is confirmed.


Cik Puan Eka said...

waa banyak kali test. Eka sejak kawen tak pernah test lagi walopon kekadang period selalu lewat hahaha.

Tapi period jugak akhirnya.

Doakan eka ye.

Fha Hzh said...

inshaAllah eka. itulah. dis time yang x expect jadi.. hehehe. so try byk kali nak confirmkan.. hehehe