Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Samsung Galaxy SII Review


Hope everyone is enjoying their day.anyway, last night my husband complained about his smart phone where he had to formatting the phone again. This has been for almost several times (more than 5 times since he bought in September 2012). the problem is the phone kept displaying "memory space is low". for the first time the incident happened, he uninstall some of the apps and it solved. however, it happened again and again even he did not installed additional apps. he even have no images or other sort of heavy data keep in his phone. we were wondering what on earth is happening or perhaps this hp was affected by virus. he googled and found most of the sII users are having the same problems like he did. so he decided to buy another phone. this poor hp should be thrown away since it limits the application due to unknown problem. what if we have to keep other important information and yet the size of the file consume large space?

better switch to iPhone i guess.


Samsung SII is a totally crap!

Samsung SIII is way better than SII by 5!

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