Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Doppler Effect


yeay. hey. again, two entries in a day. perhaps my mood is on, so i think its better i posted up whatever in my minds right now. 

I dont know how to start. 

but here it is.


i have this kind of situation where communicating between two persons resulted in somebody erupted or pissed off. hahahaha.

this situation, i think its normal if we have serious talk. like you and me. we might have confession where we find another person guilty of his/her act. and as the result, he/she somehow will accept or rejecting the issue. yeay. its not a big deal for somebody who works as counselor, but for me, i found it apprehensive. 

therefore, i scare to be in the middle of this situation. i might not be good in tolerating with any harmful actions plus i have not prepare any kind of protection if this exist. you know, people might act abnormally, when they are so pissed, they cant think straight. i understand this. even i have witnessed myself how a problematic person trying to confront her problems and end up with hysteria.

for me, whatever the best solution is, to show them how it is suppose to be. portray a remarkable example and sooner or later, this person will understand. in bribery for example, it happens anywhere.even a school kid nowadays knows how to bribe his teacher. this is so poor! unaccepting this ethic will lead to more positive vibe in our environment. just show them the right attitude, the supreme manner, and yeay, u bring the doppler effect.

if u continues to bring the positive vibe anywhere you go or do, it will affect others to do the same as a positive action always attract more hearts. :) 

and dont forget to smile, even to a cat!


is this a smile??
i dont know what to call this!? -__-

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