Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Cats


Here it is. The story of random cats coming to our house. First, there is only one cat who keeps coming for food. She stays at neighbor's house but when we are back from office, she will ran from the other street straight to our house. That weird cat has become the typical cat that enter our house yard. Okay, that is about the first cat, we called her Timah. Cause she has that weird sound when asking for food or attention. Timah is old name for a woman so i think it is classy to use the name for that cat.

Second cat.

This cat is extremely weird. Without any pride, she will comes and chase Timah when we try to give Timah food. How rude the new cat is? She will miowwwww loudly like somebody is slaughtering her. It drives me up the wall. And also Timah is scare with the new cat. This cat is so thin and i think she has a baby cat (not kitten anymore) which we call Senget. 

Third Cat.

and now Senget comes regularly to our house. This morning, i was at home. after husband fed him, she laid at the front door until 12. I have no idea why she is now in our house. Apparently she is somebody's cat. And now she in our house become the next pet since i dont know where Timah now. Perhaps Timah is sulking.

I know nothing about a cat's feeling or gesture or whatever. The only thing i realize is when they fight. hahahhaa. i do love cats but due to my pregnancy i am not allow to get near a cat. Timah is pregnant, i think. But the funny thing is, when we did not see Timah coming when I opened the gate, surely we will found her surprising us by this existence in the house. hahahahha. She will by the window greeting us in cause i forgot to close the window whenever we were out. 

I have no picture of Timah, second cat or Senget. I will posted their photo once i have them three meeting on the front door. hahahaha.

Till then.

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