Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life as it is


Im so happy cause today is friday. hehehehe. My correction is almost to finish so i have few months left before i enroll the new semester. 

I just had this situation. few days back. I dont know how to express my feeling and how i have kept this feeling till now. Sometimes its okay to just accept whatever people tells you, your mistakes, your bad, whatever issue that makes you feel so down and low. I encountered this few times in my life. As for me, i am not someone that can stand up brave and talk about what she/he had done wrong. I can just give my advice without hurting his/her feeling. 

But this time, i think i had enough. Enough of this people who keeps telling me how i did not keep my promise, how i broke the rules, why i took this action and so on. You, you should listen first and think of all positive possibilities of why a person react the other way. why people said she/he wanna call you soon but ended calling you another week. Why people did this you-think-so-idiot-or-sinful behavior. Or other things that the people told you A and instead did plan B. So please, sometimes if i cannot call you very soon it must be i have something else that is important at the moment. But still, i called you. why don't you appreciate whatever good things i have done to you and stop  being so jerk. fine. i am out of my mind. i cant control my anger sometimes. Because i am so sad this happened to me.

I don't care if others give me advice, but please i am not expecting you to do the same wrongdoings i have done. You will make yourself look worst that i am. that's all. I am telling this so that in the near future i will remember that i should not do this to others. even how hurtful the situation is, i still have time to think or Him to listen. just pray and everything will be okay.

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