Friday, October 31, 2014

Another Day


Today is just another day like yesterday. But i wish it will be much better than yesterday. Cause yesterday i still have productive day. Last night i had a weird dream. Then i woke up having backache. I started to feel the uneasiness like every pregnant women in their third trimester. That was no so serious. I ran to the loo every single hour. My movement now is under restriction which means i need to be extra careful not to overdo any action. Like i have to be so slow when getting down from bed. walking in peaceful pace. hahahaha. thats some of the example. and now sitting on a comfortable chair seems does not help to reduce the back pain. In the interval hour, i will get up and mingle around just to relax my back bone. instead of facing the computer nonstop, i will vary my activities. that is how i overcome my problem. 

This morning too, as i passed the university front gate, i managed to capture the lake view and others. So breathtaking actually bila pagi-pagi dapat tengok suasana macam ni.. :) its like orang kate mood pun boleh jadi tenang and okay smpai la habis kerja.. hahahha.

So thats all for this time. I have no idea to write more. See u guys in the next entry.. :)



Cik Puan Eka said...

Awak dah masuk third trimester ye. Kita 23 weeks skang. Memang dah rasa tak selesa. Sakit sini sakit sana.

Tapi besar ganjarannya kan.

Fha Hzh said...

owh... haah.. kite dah 34 weeks awak.. counting days dah sekarang.. heee.. itulah.. nak tido or duduk lama pun dh rase sakit kdg2.. xselesa... :)