Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Its Holiday Time


Its not that im being fancy of the holiday festive this time. But i am super excited cause i can be free for awhile at Malacca. Since the problem i had few weeks ago (regarding my CE), i has been unmotivated to go to work or doing my phd research. My mind was suffocating thinking of the consequences from CE. But, it was not for so long. I realized the strength we obtained from Tahajjud prayer and that is where i become more calm. In Tahajjud itself tell us many benefits that we can get. just refer from the video below. and i more i could add, whenever i recite the Qur'an, i can memorize anything easily and my thinking skills increased in its capacity. hahaha. but actually its true.

So, today, we will going back to Malacca and spend our weekend there plus i need to attend the antenatal check up in PH. I am now in my 32 weeks (8 months) and there are 8 more weeks before my baby is born.. I am super excited and at the same time feeling nervous and apprehensive. I hope we are in a good condition and have no problem at this stage till the end.

As for now, i need to speed up my phd work. more and more preparations have to be done before my maternity leave. at least i am not feeling guilty for doing nothing in 2 months. :)

See you guys in the next entry.



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