Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Convocation 2014. The time to upgrade your academic qualification.


Selesai sudah convo semalam. Sangat penat tapi berbaloi. sebab dapat spend masa bersama family. hahaha, i brought my baby upstairs too. Excited walaupun careful betul. yela, dah sarat orang cakap. Alhamdulillah, tadi pagi pun dah pegi antenatal check up dekat GH Ipoh. Results from pap smear the other day showed that it was not serious. Cervical bleeding mungkin sebab perubahan hormon. okay, i am not into this medical profession so i cant talk much about the biological circulation happened in my body. hahahahaha.

Convocation this year was not as big picture i could describe compared to three years ago. The first time always become the most exciting time. But this year even though i have to restrain my movement, but it was a calm moment to me. People noticed my baby bump and let me sat whenever we queue. Yeah, tiring for 2 hours session of standing. Once i stepped into the chancellor hall, i felt relieved. pheww. i saw the chairs and it means rest for me. lalalala. The ceremony ended at almost 1800. i quickly get my parents and husband for photoshoot at nearby studio.

after numbers of frame, we headed home to pray. that was too late for us and honestly i could say that the evening session should ended more early. Cut all the unrelated performances to save more time for muslim to perform their solat. Even the ceremony started at 2.30, but we (the graduates) have to come 2 hours early. hate it. lagi-lagi i nak jalan pun lambat. naik stairs pun kene careful. or it is just me who have such complain while others x kisah? hurm.. but its okay sbb that is my personal two cents.

So here are some photos we took before and during the ceremony.

Me with my superbestfriend/hubsy/soulmate

me with you-know-who/roommate/crazybuddy/bestfriend

So that is the update from ceremony. See you next entry.



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