Thursday, October 2, 2014

POST----graduate life?

I met this one phd guy yesterday. He is actually our colleague and I was amazed by his intellectual. He, even a bit older than me (age does not count), is super ambitious, very determined towards his dream and plans. The way he shared his experiences and journey during phd studies really makes me wonder if I am that capable-- in term of the endurance level. I admitted, even during my master years, it was tough at some part. I even felt quitting the master studies. Every work has its ups and downs. But it depends on how we handle the situation. sooner or later, the problem will gone. like everybody said (the lecturers), if phd is so easy, everyone can have it. So true.
There was one day I really felt that I want to be someone bookworm. Eat, play, sleep with books. The journals, conferences, seminars, classes and tutorials are the postgraduate's meal. we cannot live without them during our study years. I just want to be as smart as Stephan Hawking. I just want to be like anyone genius and learn how they think. But that was the time when I have no other plan except that study. at this age, I really have to focus a lot of things in my life. I am no longer single, I have other responsibilities, I have to sacrifice other plans just to work another plan out one at the moment. If that does not succeed, I always believe He has a better plan for me.
So it depends on ourselves. Either we are a good planner?


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