Sunday, September 28, 2014

Long Hiatus


Hari ni, betul-betul rasa Monday blues. I think i still can tolerate this MB people are talking bout. I am working at the moment. being RO for my supervisor is the first job i get after studies. never ever once i have this kind of opportunity to become a staff of any organization. lol, pretty lame. I had my bedrest for a week. The doctor said so. So i managed to get fully bedrest and restricted myself for joining the housework at home in Malacca. So this the point why i have MB right now!!


At this time, i am dreaming of fulfilling my wishes and dreams. it is not just a dream of mine, but our dream. both me and my husband. We really want to build a stable financial as to support our continuous living with the newcomer, our baby. We are trying our best to give the best for this baby.

that's bout our dream. not so detail to share. however, i am totally exhausted nowadays. I goggled and it says that at this third trimester, i will feel exactly like i felt during the first trimester. Sleepy and tired. looks like i have less energy to complete my day. But when i have 20-30 minutes  sleep, i will be better. seems like i have i my midnight sleep. but how can i sleep at this area? lying down under the table with blanket and pillow? I don't sound that crazy.

yeah, i guess thats for now. if somebody read this and report to my sv, i can be killed. still no excuse for pregnant lady okay? :)

work is work. business is business.

See you in the next entry.


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