Thursday, April 9, 2015

If only you miss me


Well I am back. bagus la nya selepas beberape bulan baru nak muncul balik. Muncul balik dgn title mama & student. -___- sunggul cool (tpi emoticon sebaliknye). hahahaha.

hari ni story pasal ape? dangg. okay, updates on my baby would be one of it. Umar now is reaching 4 months old. So far, i am truly happy with his developments. Die sangat active, cheeky, friendly, and quick learner. I believe he has good potential to be someone one day. Amin. to compare his physical with other same age babies, i think dia ikut abah dia kot. heeeeee. rendang but cute. i dont care as long as my baby is healthy. So far, Umar tak pernah demam or selsema. After jab pun still standing strong like nothing happen. Nowadays, both of us dah start bagi flashcard untuk die belajar. kenal words, alif sampai ya, objects and others. he started to concentrate on things that we show to him. walaupun kadang-kadang die ngantuk, but still attend to what we are trying to show him. Umar likes Upin Ipin too.. hahaha, skrg muka die pun i rasa dh nak sama dengan watak Ipin Upin dgn rambut sikit dkt atas kepala too. He is quite heavy too. Kuat susu. talking bout milk, im trying to increase my supply sbb kdg-kdg i am not well discipline when comes to pumping. tpi many say that u should DL to increase ur supply. so weekend je la i start nk buat balik PP. :)


My research work? Holla. i am now in RPD mode. btw, tgah nak completekan BAPC which is the annual conference for all PG students. Its  a must for all or else xde grade la utk this semester. Thinking of what to expand more in composite structures area. must be hard ya thinking sampai ke sudah, last-last jumpe idea dlm toilet. not sooo cooooooool -__________- (major nsc). Research mode still tgh increase the pace. oh, my dear friend nak start her phd journey this coming july. when i heard the news, i was like >___________<  Major yeaaaaaaaaaaaaay! now i have a lady company (instead of my husband) to mingle around. dulu ade nana, and now she is staying in kl. So when adha moves here later, we are like 3 stooges. haahaha. okay, i pray to God that Nana will found her prince charming and later decide to stay in tronoh and build their family and have kids and work here together (bla bla bla).. like tak berkembang betul social aku ni. pusing-pusing the same faces i see. hahahhaa. anyway, its good to be close with yr best buddy sebab ko tak payah nak cerita some part of yr private life from the beginning till tak tau when will end to  a now people kan??? i get my fact right kan? hahahhaa. She was my roommate since we started our master sampai la now nak jadi residentmates. gile crazy perempuan ni, sbb she asked me to ask people nearby nak sewa rumah. aku la jadi mangsa. who else la ade kat sini kan???

So to conclude all,

i am satisfied with what i have for now, Thanks to the Almighty who ease my journey. susah senang memang ada, but alhamdulillah we manage to face our challenges together. whatever happens, we learn from it. mistakes make us stronger to face other higher difficulties. The more He tests us, the stronger we would be.

thats it from me,

if only you miss me.......... :| (major plain)



A. M. Umar bin M. Affiq

Love u to moon then surround the universe!!

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