Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Don't Count On Anyone


As per today, i have the best ride to work as usual. I dont exactly know how to describe the feeling --- of riding together to work-- i would best relate it to intimacy/the closeness. Surely it is one of surreal thing.

I arrived late. 3 minutes delayed. The first red mark on my punch card. i care not to this matter. hahahaha.

Secondly, a news i received from someone higher (in authority) which brings the dullness all of sudden. i hate to say this, or even to think of this more than i should do. I just want to say this, DonT count on other especially when it relates to your work. i discovered myself on why other person can misjudge you because of your innocent wrongdoings. its clear that i can see some of this irresponsible people that do harm "unintentionally".

i dont wanna be the eternal judge on this matter. Let Him do His work cause He knows everything than we did.

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