Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When life gets rough

Lama sangat dah tak update this blog. Rase kejap on and off. Banyak kerja and switch to Melaka and Perak bleh buat mood nak write pun hilang.
I have pending tasks to be done. To be frank, my mind almost fall in thinking of my research rather than my wedding preparation. As long as this research is unsettled, i have no peaceful mind to start thinking of wedding preparation. Worry not, i can say almost 40 percent of the wedding preparation has been done. My research is still at its low pace, waiting for the correction from dear supervisor. Hoping that this can be quick. :) I can't push him that much but i encourage him to look into my draft if he has time. and at the same time, i tell him, "Doc, if we finish this, i will not bother u anymore"
hahahaha. But he is a nice supervisor. Dont worry.
That is matter i consider as down point for me. Not that to consinder it as a problem but its more as a challenge to me. Allah put the test based on our capability. He never makes u feel worst until u find no solution. But when u face the obstacles, He wants u to be near Him and seek for His help. MashaAllah. How beautiful the chronology of a human life. So, whenever we feel so down or joy, always put ourselves closer to Him.
After ive done my 'solat taubat', i feel so peaceful. its like migrating from being bad to become more pious and i try hard to fill the gaps before. Even i still feel the lacking, but i try from day to day to improve myself. I pray to God to ease my journey as His slave and khalifah on Earth. That is our real occupation of becoming a human. That is our role when we were born to see the world. Have we perform our duty as his slave and khaliffa everyday? Is that has qualify us to be one of the jannah residers? Pray to Allah that He leads us to the right way and improve our taqwa to Him. Amin.
“O ALLAH! Indeed I seek refuge in You from dying from falling from above, from dying by being buried under debris & by drowning & by burning & I seek refuge in You that shaitan should confront me near death & that I am killed in Your way while turning my back & I seek refuge in You that I die from the bite of a venomous animal.” [Abu Dawud]

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