Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pengorbanan yang tidak jujur


This is the third attempt on publishing a single entry after delivery. The delivery part will be written here soon. It will take perhaps two or three parts before the story completes. Hehehe. But believe me, i was blessed to have an ease delivery process where it took me just 2 hours and 51 minutes before my baby boy was born. Alhamdulillah.

The story that i would like to share and highlight here is--- why complaining when u had give ur help to others?

I encountered this problem so many times. I am not the one who helped, but received the help with condition of complains in return. This scenario has become the usual routine whenever i fail to perform according to the helpers need. I believe he/she intentions to remind me sorts of help she/he had done to me. But believe me; most of us would never forget what people have done good to us even a single matter like lending you a penny when you really need it at that time. Even a total stranger could turn to be our close friends due to this kind of action. But.... when a helper keep reminds you things they had done--- what will you feel?? Irritating, stressful, and sad at the same time. Even worse, u regret what she/he had done to you. As if the help was just something to make you obey the helper's rule.

Sometimes i am sick of this issue and what best i could do is to think positive all the time. Ignorance and patience is highly needed when this happens. Sometimes i am fully ashamed when an outsider knew this from the helper. Yeah; i am not born to become who u want me to be, but i am trying my best to become the best for what i want to be. It does not matter if you heard others have better than what you have cause not all living in the same shoe. You; may not realized how much other people want to be in your position right now. What we have right now is the best life Allah has given to us. Never regret nor rejected single thing that happened cause sooner or later we will never know that the thing we hate will become the best pieces we need at that time..


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