Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hello 2016


I think i wrote the wrong title for this post, since its almost end of the year. Hahaha. showing how short minded my mind is. Well, i have been wanting to write since ages... But, the post end up in the draft (as usual).

I have been wanting to write now.

But, sort of loosing ideas.

Just thinking of my son. He is unwell. Having flu and hard to sleep last night. I only had 4 hours sleep last night and we were so worried that his temperature raised. This morning, he seems better and i hope he can recover sooner.

Well, he is not really adapt to this metropolitan air (i guess). This dense city is so crowded and polluted and i forgot that i should not bring my kid in the public like we always did when in Tronoh. Here, a bit suffocating. and I feel deranged too (sometimes). Fortuitously, we managed to have a place to rent nearby greenly area.

Note to myself: I need to always remember to think twice, thrice before deciding to go outing with my boy. Look for spacious and comfortable place so that we can breath cleaner air. hahaha

Till then, Assalamualaikum..


Cik Puan Eka said...

Assalamualaikum awak. Still remember me? awak dah ada anak? yay me too hehehe.

Fha Hzh said...


eKAAA...Ingat sgt.. cuma skrg bru la nak start bukak2 balik blog awak.. rindu nak bace smua post awk.... inshaAllah lepas nih active baliK!! :) Selamat ari raya Eka n family.. dah ada anak jugak sama la kita ni. lagi la busy kan dh ada anak ni... :)